Higher Taste- Luxury Food Restaurant with a Soul

The Higher Taste is one of the latest vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore, bringing a unique cuisine to the table that is as delectable as it is refreshing. The sattvic cuisine of The Higher Taste is the first of its kind in the city, using ancient cooking methods that take vegetarian fine dining to new realms of culinary excellence.

The Higher Taste aims to change people’s perception of vegetarian food while showcasing a wealth and diversity of Indian cooking that balances both taste and nutrition. Located at ISKCON-Bangalore’s iconic temple, it is the result of much research and experimentation, adapting many of the special dishes of India to the sattvic cuisine of the restaurant.

The Higher Taste’s food philosophy is that a meal should not just satisfy the senses, but enrich the mind and soul, creating positive vibrations that will cleanse and purify all who partake of it. Therefore the restaurant does not use any ingredients that would create ‘tamas’ or heat in the body. There is no onion, garlic, eggs, mushrooms or even over spicy peppers in the food as these are traditionally believed to create negativity.

The challenge faced by Chef Aditya of the Higher Taste is to make food just as tasty and delicious without a few of the key ingredients that are considered essential to Indian food, something which has resulted in the creation of many interesting dishes. Despite this however, there is no loss of flavor. In fact, the experimental culture of cooking that has evolved is exactly what will make this one of the most special vegetarian meals.

For more information about Sattvic food form ISKCON Higher Taste please visit http://www.iskconhighertaste.com