The Monte da Quinta Resort – The Luxurious Way to Explore Portugal in 2011

The Algarve is a truly remarkable place that takes pride in being the most visited part of all of Portugal. The Algarve boasts some of the finest resorts in the world with one of the most famous of these being the Monte da Quinta resort who have just released their 2011 prices due to high demand.

The westernmost country in mainland Europe needs no introduction to the world of tourism. Portugal is a nation rich with history and culture, and it attracts a diverse range of visitors from all around the globe. As one of the warmest countries in its continent, it never fails to indulge its guests with a heat that they will simply never find at home.

It’s abundance of historical culture make it a region that is just waiting to be discovered. Guided tours will reveal the hidden secrets of ancient architecture, with structures dating back to the beginning of mankind. Temperatures can reach up to 31 degrees, offering the sun lover’s of your party a heat to relish in.

Explorers needn’t worry about accommodation. Lying in the heart of Quinta da Lago, Monte da Quinta Resort takes pride in offering its visitors an unforgettable atmosphere. With a unique location, and modern style, the accommodation is amongst the best in the world. The resort, which has been exclusively developed for optimum comfort, offers its inhabitants a choice of Monte da Quinta villas, apartments and townhouses to stay at whilst they explore the region.

With accommodation ranging in size from 2 to 5 bedroom individual properties and 1 – 3 bed suites in the Monta da Quinta Suites aparthotel, the resort boasts a versatility that can meet the needs of all parties. Every villa and townhouse comes complete with a private garden and plunge pool which help’s in making visitors feel at home in foreign territory. The interior of all of its structures provide the future of comfort- today. Thanks to top quality materials and carefully designed layouts, every room delivers one thing in huge amounts. Comfort. Guests truly will never want to leave the resort. The staff are first class, with receptionists who make their visitors needs a top priority, and with cleaners who perform their duties in only one way. Thoroughly.

Prices in 2011 start at £125 per night in the Monte da Quinta Club for a 2 bedroom townhouse and only £77 in the Monte da Quinta Suites. Super Early booking offers are available for a short while through Monte da Quinta’s preferred travel partner, Select Resorts.

For the adrenaline hunters, the local area of the resort does not fail in offering excitement. The Quad Ventura quad bike trek allow’s visitors of the Algarve the chance to experience the region off road. The automatic controls and easy to use steering means no previous quad biking experience is needed to take on some of the Algarve’s toughest terrain. The Algarve boasts more than just thrills – take the Alvor boat trips for example. The friendly coastal cruises are renowned for offering tourists a different way to appreciate the sights of the region, and they won’t give guests a heart attack in the process! Have a family to keep in mind? Travel to the centre of the region to find Zoomarine Portugal. 10 years in the making, the site plays host to incredible shows and event’s that demonstrates some of the incredible relationships humans can have with animals. Children will be solidly entertained throughout the entire experience.

For those with a taste for film, the month of May see’s the Algarve play host to the international Film festival. The multi-cultural event attracts entrants from all around the globe and has done so since 1972. With some names guests may recognise, the festival is sure to provide a sample of some Hollywood magic. The event specialises in the short film industry, with recent times seeing an increase in world class animations.

The Monte da Quinta Resort is famous for ensuring its guests explore the Algarve in the most luxurious way possible. With modern designs and top class interiors, it’s easy to see how the resort is a leader in its field.