Cadillac Reports Sales in China of over 10,000 Cars Year-to-date, the Fastest Year-on-Year Growth in Luxury Car Market

SGM announced its latest sales results today. The automaker’s luxury brand, reported sales of 1,624 cars for August, an increase of 177.6% over one year. Year-to-date, Cadillac car sales reached 10,445 units, a year-on-year rise of 157.5%, making it the fastest-growing luxury car brand.

In accordance with the overall sales increase, each Cadillac model showed a strong competitive edge in its own segment. The new-generation SRX, trendy and sporty, posted a total sales of 5,401 units and became a well-deserved best seller in the mid-sized luxury SUV market. The new SLS, a luxury business sedan boasting cutting-edge technology and excellent handling reached a year-on-year growth of 72% and made it to the top three among mid-sized luxury cars with engine sizes of more than 3.0 liters. The Escalade Hybrid, a full-size luxury SUV that features a two-mode, gas-electric hybrid technology and outstanding fuel efficiency, set a benchmark in the market.

Since it entered the Chinese market in 2004, Cadillac has been committed to offering Chinese customers the best products and services. For the past six years, Cadillac has made continued to improve its brand image, enlarge its product portfolio, enhance is service system, and expand its distribution network. Based on the “ultimate power technology”, Cadillac has presented a “dramatic presence and dramatic performance” of a world-class luxury brand and is increasingly recognized luxury car consumers in China. Several Cadillac models offer environmentally sustainable technology including the CTS, the new SLS and the new-generation SRX are all installed with an intelligent-direct injection engine system, or SIDI, providing consumers with “better performance, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions”. As for services, Cadillac already started to apply the OnStar system to models like the new SLS, the CTS and the Escalade Hybrid since late 2009, providing customers with added safety and convenience, as well as a truly exciting experience. So far, the OnStar system has approximately 5,500 users

August sales data of SGM:

  • SGM reported sales of 81,063 cars for August 2010, driving total sales to 641,319 units year-to-date, with an increase of 56.9% year-on-year.
  • Buick sales reached 45,684 units in August and total sales for the first eight months climbed 26.9% in the span of a year to 342,765 units. Driven by the launch of the 2011 Excelle, monthly sales of the Excelle line-up once again reached more than 20,000 units, truly making it the “king of mid-sized family sedans”. The newly launched Excelle GT sold 5,788 units in August, continuing to expand into the high-end mid-sized segment.
  • Chevrolet sales were up to 33,755 units in August. Cruze sales broke the 10,000-unit mark for 12 consecutive months and the new Sail reported an all-time sales high of 12,697 units, setting the record for its segment. From January to August, Chevrolet sold more than 288,101 units, a year-on-year increase of 114%, beating the brand’s total sales in 2009.
  • Cadillac reported August sales of 1,624 units, driving up total sales for the first 8 months of 2010 to 10,445 units, a year-on-year increase of 157.5%.