Luxury For Your Ears: Meridian’s M80 Compact Entertainment System

Meridian Audio has recently launched a new M80 high performance compact entertainment system. Designed and hand-assembled in Meridian’s Cambridgeshire-based production facility, the M80 offers an unrivalled listening experience, and further develops the elegant design features and state-of-the-art engineering which made its predecessor, the acclaimed F80, one of the company’s best selling models.

The M80 features the same award-winning Meridian technologies as the company’s larger systems, extracting every detail from a recording. The beautifully-sculpted elliptical cabinet, crafted of custom mineral composite, gives the system a discreet, yet stylish presence. It houses a powerful 80-watt 2.1 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) stereo system with a rear-mounted subwoofer, slot-loading CD/DVD drive and AM/FM/DAB* Digital Radio, in addition to multiple analogue and digital inputs that combine to deliver a versatile and powerful audio package. Meridian’s advanced DSP capability, coupled with location compensation controls, ensure the same superior acoustic performance at any volume, regardless of the size of the room and where the M80 is situated within it.

In keeping with Meridian’s passion for quality, exceptional craftsmanship flows through the heart of the product. The finest British leather, available in three colours, Obsidian Black, Chestnut, and Ivory, graces the distinctly modern outer case, hand stitched in Northampton by IM Kelly, an artisan business renowned for their work with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury automotive and marine marques. It takes a skilled craftsperson more than an hour to work and stitch the leather on to each M80 unit.

The organic light emitting diode (OLED) display features an automatic brightness control that adapts to the ambient light levels in the M80’s surroundings, and provides a host of clear and useful information. This is complemented by a subtle and ergonomically-moulded button interface to navigate smoothly among the M80’s core functions.

Every M80 compact entertainment system comes complete with a gloss-black i80 dock for the iPod®, allowing users to effortlessly access their digital music collection and charge their mobile device. Tracks from the iPod® can either be selected on the M80’s display panel or at a distance using the slimline handheld magnetic-backed remote control.

The M80 compact audio system is currently for sale at a suggested UK retail price (inc. VAT) of £1,500.00.

1 thought on “Luxury For Your Ears: Meridian’s M80 Compact Entertainment System

  1. No blu-ray, no dvd-a to go with the dvd-v, no component out (s-video?!, really?), no hdmi, no internet radio, etc., etc.

    Everywhere this is reported, people simply say "Fail". Yes, it probably sounds fab, and will knock spots of anything Bose, but so it should from an audiophile company, particularly given that it is almost 10x the price.

    The problem is one of features; this item is spec'd as if it were 2001 not 2011. Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't give it a moving coil phono stage, so retrogressive is this product.

    As Meridian seem incapable of properly specifying the optical disc section in the F or M series
    (and ignore email queries from potential customers in this case), perhaps they should think about getting with the programme by dropping the disc drive altogether and producing a version with SD and USB inputs only, alongside cheap to implement internet radio. Provide a properly engineered remote handset — one with proper numerical track access instead of the lame 'previous' and 'next'
    options of the current F and M series remotes, they might have a winner on their hands. Might I also suggest that they fit an internal 128GB SSD, given the cost of the unit. if this thing had mass storage and could output video signals on quality connectors, it would really fly.

    To think that one half of Boothroyd Stuart Meridian are charged with apparently award-winning industrial desigen simply beggars belief given the slapdash way these media centres are thrown


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