“Mad Men” Stars Continue to Make Fashion Headlines

by Christina Blake

Mad Men Stars at the Emmys 2010
January Jones (left), Elisabeth Moss (center), & Christina Hendricks (right) at the 2010 Emmys

The TV series, Mad Men, walked away with two Emmy awards Sunday night, and if there was an award for fashion (really, there should be considering all the media attention it receives), the female stars of the hit show would have won hands down.

Christina Hendricks wore a stunning lilac Zac Posen gown that accented and highlighted every curve on her body, while Elizabeth Moss wore a very flattering cream-colored Donna Karan gown. January Jones donned a blue Versace dress which received its share of shock, awe, raves, and, as they say in the fashion world: “Miss!”

Either way, the trio have been making fashion headlines this week. Tamara Abraham of Mail Online said that the women of Mad Menherald fashion trend for curves”.  I believe that curvy shouldn’t be thought of as a “trend”. This is the way women all over the world have always been and will always continue to be. Christina Hendricks said in an interview: “…There is such a sensation when there is a curvy role model. It shouldn’t be so unusual.”

Curvy or not, the women of Mad Men have created a fashion phenomena and brought back true style for housewives and working women. If you’ve seen the show, Mad Men, you know that classic style can go a long way. A new season has started and many women are tuning in just to see what Betty Draper is going to wear. Who doesn’t love sexy 60’s fashion styled after icons like Grace Kelly or Tippi Hedren? A woman knows that when all else fails, a classic outfit always comes through to save the day.

Emilio & Coco Polka Dot Dress

In a fashion world where trends seem to trump classy or glamorous style, there are designers who still understand what fashion really is all about, which is to make a woman feel good and look good. For instance, designers Emilio & Coco debuted a collection that not only reintroduces us to elegance and sophistication, but it captures the essence of classic, timeless fashion. In fact, some of the designs from their collection could actually be worn by Betty Draper, the leading female character in Mad Men. Body-hugging dresses that accentuate every curve, sensible style, and strict attention to detail encompass the Emilio & Coco collection. (Available at their eboutique and other fine establishments around the world.)

After all, isn’t the ultimate luxury to be able to wear an outfit that is comfortable and fits you in all the right places?