Jewelry and Sculpture for the Bathroom

When you look at the Cenedese Glass Sinks from Murano, Italy you are looking at the culmination of more than 600 years of history.

In the case of the Seguso family, it’s 22 generations of artisans dating back to the 14th century. To understand how important this history is to the art of glass-making is to enter a world that has experienced little change in the crafting of glass. This skill passed down from generation to generation still remains at the forefront of design and expertise.

Here are the constants: it still takes eight hours to turn sand into glass; the furnace has to exceed 2,000 degrees; the tools are the same that have been used for generations; and it still takes at least 10 years to become a master glass-blower – there are no shortcuts. But what is the essence of the unique Muranese style? It’s authenticity paired with an exquisite use of color and techniques refined over the centuries. At least six different artisans are involved in every piece, each masters in their own craft. You’ll hear little talking in a glass factory as they work alongside each other silently, communicating and contributing their life experiences through each piece before passing it to the next craftsman. The artisans move in a precisely choreographed way around one another – in a dance as old as the city.

The Seguso family has owned the Cenedese factory since 2007 and they’ve kept the artisans and the history of the founder Gino Cenedese intact. They’ve enabled the factory to continue to build on the traditions of Gino Cenedese in a way that he’d approve. They maintain the historic value of the craft while expanding the product line. From this valued proposition comes The Bath Collection, which includes these one-of-a-kind glass sinks. Each one averages five days to produce — each one unique. Bellissimo!