Sapphire Rings For the Luxury Jewelry Seeker

When Kate Middleton revealed the blue sapphire engagement ring that Prince William presented her with, women around the world suddenly became obsessed with blue sapphire rings. The 18-carat ring had belonged to his mother, Princess Diana, which had been chosen after her engagement to Charles in 1981.

Yes, there is something majestic and magical about sapphire, especially when it is combined with brilliant diamonds.

So who says a woman can’t have her own slice of royalty — like this Duchess sapphire and diamond ring in a unique octagonal shape pictured here, which is being offered by UK-based Diamond Jewellery Store, a company that actually has a nice selection of sapphire rings sure to thrill any luxury jewelry seeker.

Did you know? The only gemstone higher on the Mohs scale of hardness than sapphire is the diamond. This is probably why the allure of sapphire rings is so great among jewelry lovers. Blue sapphire in particular has a subtle elegance about it and can be worn with a casual or dressy outfit. The sapphire also symbolizes loyalty, evoking feelings of sympathy, harmony, and friendship.