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The Cadillac Ciel (Sky) at the L.A. Auto Show

Cadillac Ciel at L.A. Auto Show 2011

This is a lesson in synchronization. I am a firm believer in tha philosophy that visualization spawns manifestation. I have had pictures of Tha “Cadillac Ciel” or Tha “Cadillac Sky” cascading onto and off of my computer screen slide show every since the concept pics of tha “Cadillac Ciel” were released. My Wife owns, writes, and publishes articles on her personal blog, “The Unofficial Audi Blog”. In return Audi allows Her to test drive all of their new model vehicles for a week at a time to review.

So in the vein of synchronicity, Audi delivered one of their Q5 crossover vehicles to her on Wednesday the 16th. We decided that We would take a trip to Las Vegas on that Friday the 18th to visit My Family. It just so happened that She received a message through social media that there was going to be an Audi display at the Los Angeles Car Show, kicking off on that same Friday that We were leaving for Vegas.

Utilizing What I learned over the past few years concerning visualization and synchronicity, I requested that we stop by the car show on Our way to Vegas. So we did. Prior to arriving at the Los Angeles Car Show, I intently said, “If the “Cadillac Ciel(Sky)” is at this car show, then I know it is meant for Me.” Even Though The “Ciel” is a concept vehicle, I know in My Heart that I will one day own it.

Upon entering the showroom, we first came across the Hundai display, which was pretty impressive, I must say. Across from the Hundai display was Audi in all it’s Glory. They had the A7, the A8, the S8, the E-tron, etc. We had looked around for a short while when all of a sudden I received the impulse to turn around to the West side of the showroom. Directly across from the Audi display, and directly behind the Hundai exhibit encased in it’s own ‘Glass Slipper’ of a display setting was My ‘Dream Car’, Tha “Cadillac Ciel(Sky)”. I could hardly believe it.

Cadillac Concept Car

Cadillac Ciel Rear View

Tha Universe was giving Me confirmation that everything that I wish for will come to fruition, no matter how far fetched the vision may be. As long as I Believe in My Dreams Becoming Manifest, They Will Inevitably Materialize As A Result. There Is An Old Saying, “Follow Your Dreams”. I Have A Better Idea, “Guide Your Dreams”! Remember, “Luxury Is A State Of Mind, So Believe That You Are Worthy Of Living There“!

Article by 1Won~Soul!

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