Luxury Could Be Owning an iPod

Apple iPod Touch Fourth Generation

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone back in 1876, it was a huge deal. People could communicate much quicker. It was considered a luxury to own a phone. Even in many countries today you’re considered very fortunate to have high tech gadgets to communicate with people all over the world. Many of us have taken technology for granted, considering there’s an Apple store or Best Buy in every metropolitan area in the U.S., and most people who live in this country do own a mobile phone.

But just like beauty, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. While a kid in an undeveloped nation may think that white iPod touch is a luxury item, we here may view Floyd Mayweather’s diamond-encrusted classic iPod as downright over-the-top luxury. Regardless of the gadget, it’s still an item that affords us the ability to communicate and share quickly and easily.  That in itself could be considered a luxury.

What could be considered “normal” to us can be viewed as “living a luxurious life” for others.

This is one of the reasons why I started this blog – to let people know that luxury has many definitions and viewpoints…and that living a good life is not just about consuming high-end electronics and living in mansions.  If living a life of luxury to you is having the time to spend doing things you love, laughing with friends, and owning a nice, sleek, white iPod touch, then who am I to rain on your parade?