Taking Luxury On The Road

by 1Won~Soul

This article is dedicated to all the “Cross Country Travel Enthusiasts” who may have an extra 3 million dollars to splurge on their mode of transportation.

The Mega RV Mansion/Wet Bar/Media Center, known as “The Element Palazzo”, engenders every comfort and amenity that one could imagine enjoying on extensive road travels. The wet bar is accented with skylights that stretch the length of the cabin so that you may catch some rays while indulging in your favorite cocktail. The Master Suite is accompanied by a very spacious and luxurious adjoining bathroom.

The 40’ Palazzo has 430 sq ft. of floor space which nearly doubles when the pop out wet bar is utilized. Outside of being The Ultimate Luxury Travel Vehicle, it is also a Virtual ‘Man Cave’. 40” TV’s, a fireplace, and exceptional comfort capacity. Need I say more? Even if you’re not an RV enthusiast, take a look, I’m sure you will be impressed with the aesthetics of The Element Palazzo.