The Power of the Pen

Montblanc Pen

In a time when everything is digital and our main mode of communication has been email and texts, we seem to have forgotten how meaningful a hand-written note or letter can be. As a writer myself, I know and appreciate a quality writing instrument. I know that there is power in writing things down.

Well, Montblanc Meisterstueck reminds us of the art of writing. Since 1924 the company has created sophisticated fountain pens – tools that allow us to express our thoughts. The craftsmen at Montblanc are often described as “Soulmakers”. Indeed, they embue each individual Meisterstück, not only with functional excellence, but with a soul. Patience, dedication and passion are vital skills for anyone who works so relentlessly to bring the pens to life. Even today most of the production steps of the Montblanc fountain pen are completed by hand, as they were in 1924.

With all the heart and soul that goes into producing Montblanc pens, it’s no wonder why people continue to appreciate these masterpieces.  And with holiday gift-giving season here, a handcrafted pen is a timeless gift that anyone will enjoy receiving.