Luxury Is…A Relaxing Thailand Holiday

Absolute Palm Grove Villas, Pattaya
Absolute Palm Grove Villas, Pattaya

Close your eyes and picture yourself on the perfect holiday… Does it involve a stay in a luxurious suite and panoramic ocean views? How about scuba diving, kayaking, and island excursions?

While you can enjoy this type of holiday in many parts of the world, Thailand offers a unique getaway full of captivating history and culture – not to mention your choice of a luxurious hotel in Thailand such as the Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa in Phuket, the sanctuary of Absolute Nirvana Place in Pattaya, or the Absolute Q Signature Resort & Spa in Koh Samui, which are just a few of the Absolute World resorts and hotels.

Absolute Twin Sands Resort, Koh Samui
Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa, Phuket

Absolute Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Phuket

Whatever you can imagine a luxury vacation would entail, Absolute World is on a mission to provide just that with their properties in Thailand and around the world. 5-star service, king size beds, private balconies, sumptuous dining, a private massage in your suite – the possibilities are endless.

The Luxury of Adventure

Our philosophy is that luxury is in the experience of the beholder, but we can certainly all agree that a luxury holiday would involve the best of everything, and of course, some much needed rest and perhaps an expedition into the unknown. So after you’ve relaxed and let go of your worldly responsibilities, it’s time to explore this beautiful Asian island and get lost in an adventure. Safari, anyone? Sure, you can indulge in a Land Rover nature tour, but why not do something different and trek through the jungle on an elephant?

Whether it’s strolling through the city streets of Bangkok, lounging on a sandy beach with a cocktail, or delving into the heart and soul of the Thai culture and its friendly people, an unforgettable experience awaits you in Thailand.

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