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Yacht Supplies and Catering: Because Time is Wealth

Oh, time. It is so precious, isn’t it? In this day and age time could be considered part of our wealth, and managing all the items on the To Do list that need to get done is a challenge. Here at Artista Luxury Blog our mission is to help you master the art of living the good life, and part of that involves being healthy and having time for the most important things. This means outsourcing errands and chores such as shopping for boat supplies or groceries.

Enter Gourmet Deliveries, a company specialising in yacht catering, villa catering, and chalet catering. Not only that, but they have a full delivery service of anything you need including fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from local producers in the South of France, Kosher and Halal foods, cleaning products, flower arrangements, yacht equipment, and more. Even if something is not on their list of gourmet products and provisions, their dedicated team will work to fulfill your request.

Based in the French Riviera, Gourmet Deliveries provides services to Cote d’Azur within 24 hours, 7 days a week, plus deliveries throughout Europe and many destinations worldwide upon request. Tax-free delivery of yacht catering products is also available. Certainly there are many companies that offer catering and grocery delivery, but Gourmet Deliveries prides itself on providing quality produce and supplies. They actually started out as fruit and vegetable vendors and wholesalers at markets in the South of France, and as the saying goes, the rest is history…

So now that you have your yacht supplies and catering needs out of the way, what will you do with that extra time? Take the kids to the park? Start an inspiring new project? Go on a fantastic voyage?

For orders & enquiries: + 33 (0)618-738-020 or orders@Gourment-Deliveries.com