Daily Luxury, One Wine Glass at a Time

The Vini wines by the glass

The Vini – Exceptional Wine by the Glass®, the first-ever format for the delivery of single-serve fine wine offers palate-pleasing wine to those seeking daily luxury one glass a time. Launched by Miami entrepreneur and boutique winery owner, Sunny Fraser, The Vini is not only a trademarked brand of exclusive wines, but also a sleek, patented, 187ml glass tube complete with industry standard Stelvin® screw cap.

Fraser realized that the ability to taste a fine wine was a privilege typically only available to wealthy wine enthusiasts. Her creation now makes fine wines and luxury approachable to the masses, offering an elegantly packaged generous pour (1/4 of a regular size bottle) without the financial commitment.

Currently offered in blends of California Napa wine based on Zinfandel and a California Sonoma wine based on Chardonnay, The Vini’s unique packaging, which offers both a beautiful display and an ergonomic-inspired design, makes it convenient to incorporate luxury into your everyday lifestyle without compromising elegance and sophistication.

For a full list of retail locations where you can find Vini or to order online, visit http://www.thevini.com.