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Experience the World’s Most Expensive Spa Treatments

24-Karat gold facial at Eldorado Hotel

Looking for some luxury pampering and relaxation on an upcoming vacation?, the largest online spa directory, has newly published recommendations on their website for the top 10 most expensive, yet luxurious spa treatments in the world.

The following ten spas and resorts are Spahub’s best recommendations for luxury pampering:

1. Spa V at Hotel Victor (Miami, FL) for the Evian Bath – For those exclusively staying in the hotel’s penthouse, an extra $5000 will open the doors to a 1,000 liter Evan water bath for complete relaxation.

2. Mandarin Oriental (New York, NY) for the Art of Indulgence – For $1035, this spa treatment includes a facial massage, upper body massage, pedicure and manicure and involves the use of fancy oils like sweet orange and ylang ylang.

3. Ayana Resort & Spa (Bali, Indonesia) for the Diamond Miracle Treatment – Roses and diamonds are literally what you get with this $850 spa treatment, along with a therapeutic foot soak, body scrub, a bath with hundreds of red roses a Balinese massage, and a La Mer facial.

4. Spa Radiance (San Francisco, CA) for the Grand Luxe Facial – A three hour pain-free procedure by a professional aesthetician will leave you fresher than ever.

5. Madinat Jumeirah (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) for the Talise Rediscover – This $750 full body treatment includes a sugar body polish and a warm bath.

6. Mandarin Oriental (New York, NY) for the Oriental Harmony – Two people work to attend to your relaxation needs at all times for a mere $650 – includes a foot bath and a warm body scrub.

7. Eldorado Hotel (Santa Fe, Mexico) for the 24-Karat Gold Facial – Yes, you heard right. This $500 gold facial works as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and purge the pores.

8. Cornelia Day Spa (New York, NY) for the Triphasic and Microblation Combination Facial – For $500, this facial exfoliates the skin with a saline solution that is antibacterial, resulting in even skin tone, tighter skin, collagen production, and reduces acne, irritation, fine lines, and scarring.

9. Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa (Maui, Hawaii) for the Lava Stone Massage – What better way to relax while on a vacation in Hawaii? This $450 massage utilizes hot stones placed over the body while simultaneously being massaged by three therapists for total relaxation.

10. Euphoria Lounge Salon & Spa (Monterey, CA) for the Snakeskin Pedicure – This $300 pedicure uses real shreds of snakeskin with gel to make a patterned print on the nails for an edgy look.’s team has provided a more in depth explanation of each of these resorts, what they have to offer, and each location on their latest blog post here.