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Life Is a Luxury, Stay Driven

By Jedi

If You Haven’t As Of Yet Visited Your Local Theater To Take In A Viewing Of Tha Exquisitely Well Crafted Cinematographical Ambience Of “The Great Gatsby” In 3D, I Emphatically Urge You To Do So. Tha Storyline Extends To Tha Viewer An All Access Invitation Into A World That Tha Majority Of Humanity Isn’t Privy To Seeing, Tha World Of Tha Earth’s Wealthy. Like Tha Famous Comedian “Chris Rock” Once Expressed: “There Are A Lot Of Rich People In Tha World, but Very Few People Are Wealthy”. Tha Characters In Tha Film Were Wealthy People! “The Great Gatsby” Affords Us An Uninhibited, Unobstructed Look Into Tha Psyches Of Not Only Tha Wealthy Individuals Themselves, but Also The Psyches Of The High Ranking Public Officials In Their Inner Circle As Well.

What You Will Ascertain From Tha Theme Of Tha Film, Is That Tha Soul Unceasingly Yearns for Tha Comforts and Luxuries Of Life. After Attaining Wealth, and Amassing All Of Tha Material Belongings That Tha Mind Can Imagine, Tha Soul Still Yearns For Tha Non~Physical Variable ~LOVE~. Though This Natural Yearning Alone Should Affirm To Us All, That Abundance, Comfort, and Luxury Is Tha Birthright Of Every Human On Tha Planet! You Literally Have To Dream Big!!!!!!!! I Personally Came Away With A Re~confirmed Knowing That Once One’s Motives For Attaining Wealth Become Corrupted, Tha Cost From Tha Karmic Debt That One Accrues, and Tha Price That Some Ultimately Pay For Accessing It Unethically, Become Inexorably Linked. I Reiterate! Living In Luxury On Your Home Planet “Is Your Birthright!”

Everyone! Has Tha Right To Experience Tha Abundance Of Splendor That Our Beautiful Mother Planet Has To Offer Us. In Order For Tha Masses To Begin To Override Tha Paradigm: That Having Luxuries, and Therefore Living In Luxury Are Trademarks Of Only A Privileged Few. “We Tha People” Must Look Within And Transcend The Illusion That Our Personal Worth and Societal Status Is A Direct Correlation Of How Much Money We Can Amass in A Lifetime. “Everyone Is Priceless, and It’s A Luxury To Be Alive!” “Love Livin and Stay Driven!”

Here Are A Couple Of Links So That You May Get A Better Idea Of Types Of Vehicles That Were Driven By Tha Wealthy Of Tha Day:

The Great Gatsby; Symbols and Motifs

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Editor’s Note:

After the writing of this article synchronicity kicked in and we came across this group of car collectors who were exhibiting their vintage cars…

Red vintage car

Vintage cars

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