zChocolat: The Art of Chocolate Giving

French chocolates

There are chocolates..and then there are exquisitely luxurious chocolates. zChocolat, a company that offers French chocolates, belongs in the latter category because they have indeed mastered the art of chocolate giving.

Handmade by the world champion French chocolatier, Pascal Caffet, the chocolates contain all natural ingredients, no preservatives, high cocoa content, 100% pure cocoa butter, and very little sugar. Pascal created 26 recipes, or what we like to call creative masterpieces, which are numbered 0 to 24, plus the “Z” chocolate. Each are represented in the Ruby box of the Mahogany Collection that we sampled.

How does one even begin to explain how delectable these chocolates are? Every bite is a trip to chocolate heaven. Ivory coast milk chocolate with minced Valencia almonds…Madagascar Bourbon vanilla ganache infused with the essence of lavender and covered in Venezuelan dark chocolate…This is just the beginning of the avant-garde mixture of edible masterpieces.

Long after the chocolate is gone, the mahogany gift box will remain a treasured keepsake. You can personalize the brass plate on the front of the box with a name or message, while the inside can be customized with a photo or logo. You also receive a black carrying pouch and a booklet that tells you what each chocolate is made of.

zChocolat Ruby box

zChocolat package

Here is a video that shows how each mahogany box is made…

Whether it’s Father’s day, a birthday, or a wedding anniversary, I’m sure you’ll find something for that special someone. With a wide range of boxes and several chocolate collections available from zChocolat, the only challenge will be deciding which one to give as a gift. Whatever you choose, you can never go wrong. Who wouldn’t love a personalized box of chocolates?

For more information, visit: zChocolat.com