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Everyone Deserves a Comfortable, Luxury Home

Villa Nafissa Rancho Santa Fe, California
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by Cory Russum

There’s a buzz in the air!

I have an intrinsic feeling that we as a collective are wishing for, dreaming of, and aspiring to a higher standard of living, morality, and decency than ever before. In this new era neither class, status, nor race classification can stifle the human heart’s desire to achieve happiness.

I describe happiness as living where you wish and doing what you wish at the moment you wish to do it. Every human is different (which is an astoundingly remarkable fact), but one trait that we all have in common is our pursuit of comfort. Our ideas of what comfort is may differ in perspective, but it is a vital component to the formula of happiness.

Most Amish people to this day won’t indulge in modern technologies such as television, computers, etc., but if you were to ask the elder generation if they were living ‘comfortably’, void of the aforementioned technologies, I’m willing to guarantee with a 100% certainty that their answer would absolutely be “Yes”. Pose the same question to the working class integrated populace of a metropolitan city, and the exact opposite will be affirmed. The difference in mindsets is directly attributable to exposure, and in the case of the Amish, lack of exposure to materially-based thought forms. Neither cultural view of what constitutes comfort is wrong. We have just decided to participate in the game of life from different perspectives.

City folk thrive on attaining and enjoying as many comforts as we can possibly imagine. Whether it be food, clothing, cars, gadgets etc., if it makes us feel good, we pursue it vigilantly. All the previous comforts combined can’t trump the irresistible allure of a luxury home because home is where we spend the majority of our time, and wherever we spend most of our time has to be comfortable in order for us to be happy!

I have pictures of my dream home as a slide show on my computer so that I may use it as a visualization tool. I begin to feel good the instant that I turn it on. The feeling is the result of visually satisfying my internal yearning for comfort and luxury. Everyone has experienced this yearning on some level.

If every individual on earth were to satiate that yearning, and live their highest vision for their lives in comfort and prosperity, it would curb or maybe even nullify the propagation of the global drama, because everyone will be comfortably content in their own personal space. From personal experience, I feel that the more space that I have, the more comfortable I am.

Everybody, let’s expand our minds and think big! “Everyone Deserves A Luxury Home!” Oprah said it best, “You get a home, you get a home, and you get a home!

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