First Look: 2014 Bentley GT Speed Convertible

Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

The 2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible is a very impressive piece of machinery! It exudes elegance and personifies power! The body is traditionally Bentley sleek with accents of sharp lines implemented at the intended appropriate points of focus including the grill, the hood, and the rear body of the vehicle.

The Bentley Continental GT’s body design appears perfectly molded to suit the real purpose for which the GT Speed was constructed: SPEED! If there is such a thing as a luxury car racing demographic, aficionados will be well served to get their hands on this vehicle, Bentley’s first official muscle car.

Squatting and devouring the pavement upon take off, the Bentley GT Speed Convertible fast tracks from 0~60 in a mind-numbing 4.2 seconds. Before you can even verbalize the phrase, “Wow, this is fast”, you’re a third of the way to 60 mph. The design team at Bentley managed to round up 616 Horses and consolidate their power into a 6.0 liter W12 Engine. For the GT Speed, speed is drawn directly from the bloodline of the GT Coupe. It engenders blazing >>>>>Speed>>>>>. That being said, there is one sacrificial element that is detrimental to the overall allure of the GT Speed, and that’s the lack of fuel economy. You get a domestic luxury vehicle coupled with unfathomable speed, but at the expense of fuel economy. From my personal view I feel that the lack of fuel economy is the GT Speed’s only drawback.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Interior

In the comfort of the cockpit of the vehicle you will experience an exceptional richness in the quality of materials acquired to construct the interior cabin of the vehicle. From the diamond stitched pillowy leather to the glossy wood grain console, the GT convertible’s interior reveals complimentary touches of finesse to somewhat offset its predominately sporty image.

The GT Speed Convertible, in my opinion, has one of the most attractive steering wheel configurations that I have seen to date. I have been to a few car shows, and I have seen very few steering wheels that appear aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. The first time that I viewed the interior of the Bentley, my eyes were fixed on the dynamic design of its steering wheel. I am an Audi enthusiast and I appreciate the design of the interiors of their whole product line, but the aesthetic value of Audi’s steering wheel design leaves something to be desired. Bentley has nailed it. I prefer the ergonomics and and ease of access that Audi’s control center has, though. (See what I did: I must leave any discussion or assessment of Audi on a positive note.)

Bentley GT Speed Steering Wheel

One of the coolest features attributable to the Bentley GT Speed is the heated neck warmers installed in the headrests. Perfect for those cool winter days when you want to ride with the top reclined. Bentley has spared no expense and neither will you. Carrying a base price of $244,425, the Bentley Continental GT Speed appears to be worth its weight in gold.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible