Which Luxury Fashion Brands Do Millionaires Like Most?

Jimmy Choo and Lalique on Rodeo Drive
Luxury shops on Rodeo Drive

Millionaires appreciate high quality luxury goods, but which brands do they covet the most?, a site for millionaires to meet online and virtually socialize with other millionaires, conducted a survey of its members and discovered:

For men, they prefer the high-end fashionable clothes from Polo Ralph Lauren, which gets 36.21% of votes.

And for the shoes, men prefer Gucci, with 29.87% of votes.

What bags did they pick? Louis Vuitton of course. This top of the line designer received 31.66% of the votes.

What about watches? There’s no denying that incredible brand Rolex as the winner with 37.87% of votes.

For women, their best brand for clothes comes as no surprise, Chanel, the time tested, classic and beautiful brand wins with 27.36% of votes.

For shoes, Jimmy Choo wins with 30.66% of votes.

For bags, the Hermes Birkin purse also comes as no surprise with 27.66% of votes. It is the bag every girl wants but only a few can afford.

For watches, Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’Art Florilege wins with 21.37% of votes.

What luxury brands top your list?