Becoming Rich Through Conscious Capitalism

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Becoming a rich or abundant person is a creative calculated move aimed at using the best strategies to elevate yourself to a status that many people admire in the world. You can become a millionaire through embracing conscious capitalism – a focused goal to help humans and the environment. It is a creative way that emerged from corporate social responsibility, and it encourages economic values where the environment is represented and other social factors are considered on a local and global scale.

One could look at conscious capitalism as a smart way of investing through helping others realize their dreams and potentials. It also involves divine sacrifice where you are not only aiming to acquire monetary benefits, but also focusing on meeting the needs of people, raising them on an optimistic platform and acting as a motivational spearhead to give them the right possible tools to invest and become successful in life.

In an interview with Dan Schawbel at, CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey offers his four pillars of conscious capitalism:

“Higher purpose, stakeholder integration, conscious leadership, and conscious culture and management. The four are interconnected and mutually reinforcing. The tenets are foundational; they are not tactics or strategies. They represent the essential elements of an integrated business philosophy that must be understood holistically to be effectively manifested. Higher purpose and core values are central to a conscious business and all the other tenets connect back to these foundational ideas.”

The key to investing through conscious capitalism is being aware of the environment, and choosing activities that do not cause any harm to the human race. The best way to invest in conscious capitalism is being very keen to observe a triple bottom line model, this is encompassing the elements of positive values such as profit, planet, and people.

Profit is viewed from a logical school of thought, that even though you may need money, it’s always important to focus energy to making it through clear deals and at the same time sticking to your observations of helping people by and large. On the other hand the planet is represented through clear objectives of conscious capitalism that can include coming up with recycling programs, encouraging the use of wind or solar energy in the work place, use of renewable and sustainable materials, working together with environment conscious distributors, adopting the best sustainable packaging, etc. People are represented by a business that seeks to benefit all of them in a wider scope. This involves both the employees and the stakeholders. It is advisable to have community outreach and awareness campaigns that aim at informing and education the local community.

Success is always a process that is achieved through determination and persistence, and conscious capitalism is a smart investment that aims to ensure that you realize your full potential.