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Luxury Real Estate At Its Finest: Rancho Santa Fe Estates

Home in Rancho Santa Fe
Photo Credit: Ian Gratton

If luxury is a lifestyle, then “Rancho Santa Fe Estates” is luxury at it’s finest.

In Rancho Santa Fe, California you’ll find some of the most unique and exquisitely designed homes on the luxury market. Once you purchase one of these estates, not only are you immersed in comfort beyond your wildest imaginings, you are afforded the beauty of manicured acreage to boot.

These self contained mini resorts are an example of how living an exemplary city-focused lifestyle can be merged with the serene ambiance of a natural setting. You literally get the best of both worlds. While home at one these gorgeous estates you experience the peace of a rural setting while being a resident within the confines of “America’s Finest City”.

My personal favorite Rancho Santa Fe Estate, “5992 Calle Camposeco“, is an aesthetic wonder to behold. It is set within an artistic framework of flora that paints a splendid backdrop and accentuates the architectural grandeur of the primary living quarters. There are several bodies of water onsite, including a lavishly decorative swimming pool, and full sized lake perfect for picnics, hosting events, leisure activities, etc.

You will never be at a loss for adventure on this property due to it’s enormity in size at just a hair under 40 acres. You can literally get lost in luxury on this property, and how pleasurable it would be to do so.

To live large you must first think big!!!