Take the Bus in Luxury

Electric superbus

Here’s a way to put a positive spin on taking the bus. This Superbus concept developed in the Netherlands is a muscle car in a limousine body. A very sporty and future forward limousine body with butterfly doors. It has the capacity to carry up to 23 passengers at a time, and no matter where you may be seated, it is all first class.

Unlike a traditional transit bus, every passenger has seat belts and all of the protections that a personal vehicle would afford. Dedicated drag strips/transit tracks are being developed to accommodate these high speed vehicles which can reach a top speed of 150 mph. There is also an autopilot option if you prefer to travel without a chauffeur (at 150mph: Computer Interface or Human Element? Take your pick).

Even in the luxury superbus market, traditional fuel is a thing of the past. The Superbus is an environmentally friendly electric vehicle designed to be the ultimate high speed carpooling tool of the very near future. Our automotive world is rapidly changing gears toward cleaner/electric fueling options for vehicles and more efficient modes of transportation that engender the thing that we all appreciate: The Cool Factor! Let’s go along for the ride!