The Ritz-Carlton Launches Thought Leadership Series on LinkedIn

Have you ever wondered what has made Ritz-Carlton such a successful and iconic brand in the luxury hospitality industry?

The Ritz-Carlton, Boston revolutionized hospitality in America by creating luxury in a hotel setting:

  • Private bath in each guest room
  • Lighter fabrics in the guest room to allow for more thorough washing
  • White tie and apron uniforms for the waitstaff, black tie for the Maitre d’ and morning suits for all other staff, conducive to a formal, professional appearance
  • Extensive fresh flowers throughout the public areas
  • A la carte dining, providing choices for diners
  • Gourmet cuisine, utilizing the genius and cooking methods of Auguste Escoffier
  • Intimate, smaller lobbies for a more personalized guest experience

Recently the company launched series on LinkedIn to connect with and educate business professionals that follow them on the social network. Five posts will be published per week from 30 of their global leaders. One of the goals of the series is to help a wide range of small businesses to better leverage and implement the thinking behind running a customer-centric organization.

In President & COO Herve Humler’s first post, he says:

Luxury will always be a state of mind. Today’s luxury consumers travel near and far, connected to each other by what they love, in pursuit of the ultimate experience – one that builds memories with a location and with the brand. They desire service, personalization and authenticity, which is why we emphasize those traits in our hotels around the world…

In case you didn’t know, Ritz-Carlton also has a Leadership Training Center that offers keynotes, courses, on-site presentations, and advisory services to professionals of all industries.

Connect with Ritz-Carlton on LinkedIn here