Luxury Hotel Spotlight: The U.S. Grant

U.S. Grant Hotel

What happens when you bring together Old World ambiance with 21st century luxury? Step into the iconic U.S. Grant in the heart of downtown San Diego and you’ll find out. Built at a cost of $1.9 million (In 1910 that was a ton of cash), this gives you just an inkling of the opulence and grandiose vision that Ulysses S. Grant Jr dreamed for the hotel that honored his father.

If only walls could talk.

Just recently I paid a visit to the hotel, a first for me even though I’ve lived in San Diego for 22 years. I’ve certainly passed it at least a couple hundred times or so when I lived downtown. It’s right across from the Horton Plaza Mall with its very unique architecture.

The hotel houses the best gallery in San Diego containing paintings, sculptures, glass, and ceramics. Beautiful crystal chandeliers greet you in the spacious lobby area. Each of the 270 rooms even has a painting as a headboard created by artist Yves Clement. And even if you don’t stay at the hotel, at the very least check out the Grant Grill Lounge, which was listed as one of the best hotel bars by Food & Wine.

Signature Suite Parlor

Some like to call San Diego “Heaven”, but I like to call it home.

U.S. Grant Hotel: 326 Broadway / San Diego, CA 92101 / Phone: (619) 232-3121

~Maria Palma